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Founder of Alef Lam Meem, al-Ralssool islamic school, and an’Nour orphan’s aid; Based in Toronto

What makes Al-Rasool School so unique

What makes Al-Rasool School so unique is the enriched Arabic Language Program.

We are the only private school that teaches Arabic everyday from Kindergarten

We build the language structure at Kindergarten where they are taught 10 periods /week of Arabic, … then 6 periods/week  as they reach  grade 3 through grade 6 with introduction to Arabic grammar  and writing skills


Preschool Admission now Open

Preschool enrollment now open. Please register your child today (limited seats)

Preschool 2012

Preschool Student are accepted once they turn 3 years old. Preschoolers here thrive in a happy, cheerful environment, while learning socialization skills. Pretend play, story time, painting, and free play make cognitive and motor development lots of fun and help prepare students for more formal learning environments. Children grow into unique and confident individuals through their interactions with our loving, qualified .

The Preschool program offers the following part-time and full-time schedules:
Academic day:  8:30 AM – 3:00 PM



The curriculum in each subject area reflects a coherent, orderly progress through the grades. There is a definite unity and co-ordination of subject -matter among various subjects in each grade. The School curriculum is based on Ontario Board of Education’s guidance, enhanced with Arabic Language and Islamic studies. The school  prepares the pupils for Ontario EQAO conducted annually by the Ministry of Education

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