Board Message

School Admission Still Open

Message to Respected parents / guardians,

It’s matter of exultation to welcome you to the New Academic Year. The new year has brought with it plenty of merriments and festivisies along with dreams and imaginations of prosperity and well – being in abundance. The advent of New Academic fear has awakened our dormant dynamism, despondent hopes and expectations. It has brought with it something exciting and thrilling!!

The previous year has really passed off but it does not mean that we should deem it worth less and futile. No! Not at all! Infact, the PAST, is a unique amalgam of bitter and sweet memories. It is a perennial source of seeking inspirations and experiences. It mirrors our drawbacks and shortcomings, flaws and foibles and make us aware to do away with them and thus purges us of our evils and vices. That’s why we must retrospect as it adds to an all – round development of our personality providing it a new shape and dimension. Of course, the time gone can never be retrieved but it is all futile to cry over it. Instead, we should took at the ‘PRESENT’ since it is (the Preset) that is the most important, the most significant. So I would like to suggest you to make the most of your PRESENT with tact and finesse. You must participate sincerely in class – room learning and develop your interest in studying books at the library and thus try to enrich your knowledge.

It is quite essential that you should try your level best to be extrovert. You should never feel shy to take a recourse to your teacher if you are faced with a poser. It would be wise of you if you participate enthusiastically in all sports and games as they are an integral part and parcel of life. Besides the exams conducted in the class – room, you will be graded for various virtues such as punctuality, disciplines, and etiquette, cleanliness, language, enunciation and articiculation and you will be issued a certificate which is known as certificate of school based evaluation which as important as the one issued by the District Board.

To sump up, you must judge and reckon yourselves and for this have a look within yourselves first and then look around, view the situation optimistically and self – reliantly. I expect something amazing, something unusual, outstanding and flabbergasting! I pray to the Al – mighty for your well – being and prosperity at your every step.

Nabil Bahsoun
Director of Alef Lam Meem