Our Mission:
1. To create an Islamic environment where students can learn to lead their lives according to the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Ahlulbait (AS).
2. To ensure the highest academic and social progress for students by developing their intelligence, creativity and leadership qualities.
3. To prepare students to lead an integrated life with the larger Canadian society, becoming ambassadors of Islam by excelling in their professions and character.
4. To teach the Islamic values of good manners, mutual respect, peace, kindness, love and tolerance and prepare students to be role models. 
5. To encourage participation in extra-curricular activities to develop a well-rounded personality

1. To create an active partnership between School and home.
2. To create an environment where students are encouraged to become focused creative, well-motivated learners.
3. To create a safe, disciplined school, this is committed to serve the child in all respects, acknowledging. That student’s physical, social and emotional well-being is related to learning.
4. To create living environment where student’s groupings could be flexible, integrated, and based on students’ needs.
5.  To create a learning environment, rich in technology for students and staff.